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Social Health Improvement (Maya Sastha Suraksha)

Nabadisha Health Check-Up Campalong with Kolkata Police for 22 police stations. A general health checkup is done to ensure good health. Each year the children in the area are given the opportunity to keep well and improve their general health. A very conscious effort is made to screen the health of the children to reduce sickness and also to make them aware of signs of disease and to prevent illness and maintain hygiene as much as possible. They also know exactly where to reach out to in case of illness. It has given a boost to the confidence of the children and their mothers and has also seen a rise in better improved health conditions.

Cooked Mid Day Meal for 31 Govt. Schools. It builds a multicultural atmosphere as there are children from all sections of the society. A very well planned balanced diet is prepared and served to the children. Regular meal plan for a balanced diet is very important for good health and growth. The children at home very often do not get the necessary nutritional requirement and it shows in their general health. The mid day meals take care of this and have made the children more strong and healthy. The daily improved standards of quality meals give the children not just good taste but enough to eat so that they do not suffer from malnutrition and other signs of poor health. The sustained mid day Programme so far have impacted the general health of the children in the area who are more vibrant, interactive and are not hungry even when their parents are out for work and are unable to provide for the best.

A change has been noticed in some of the regular good habits over time like importance of hand wash, cutting nails at regular intervals, taking care of clothes and keeping them folded by sundown and such other daily good habits.