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Social Bonding Enhancement (Maya Bandhan)

Shelter for urban homeless for women which benefitted 13203 beneficiaries. Not only were the homeless given short term or long term shelter as required but in some cases they were traced back to their houses and settled back. Instead of being out on the streets unsafe, along with their children are given a proper place to stay with basic amenities and nutritional food. As long as required they are given the necessary support so that the dignity of life is preserved. They are given workshops and other entitlements from the government are made available to them. Every year they are also taken Donations to Maya Foundation is exempted from Income Tax under 80 G (5) (vi) IT Act of 1961 9 out for an outing to increase socio-cultural interest. There is regular health checkup with support of Kolkata Police.

Shelter for urban homeless for men which benefitted 12703 beneficiaries. Found without shelter without much to live on these men are given shelter. They are given the basic amenities of life so that they can live a life of dignity. Workshops are also held for them and where possible entitlements from the government are given to them. They too are given an outing and made to feel wanted and happy in their present situation. Maya Foundation has made it possible for these unfortunate men to find shelter and proper nutrition as well as some money for them. Regular health checkups are done, medicine is distributed and awareness about health and hygiene is also given to them.

Scheduled tribe – specific rural biotechnology programme in Sagardighi block of Murshidabad district.They were benefited with agricultural support. 3 goats each were given to 37 families, seeds and fertilizers were distributed to 21 families. 6 families were given 3 sheep each for rearing. It is a big step forward where families have been able to improve their standard of living and see a way of improving their lifestyle in the years to come with better healthcare and education as well as living conditions. They have a better confident life today.