Regn. no : S/1L/8159(2001-2002)
             Estd. 2001

Our Regular Programs Current Event 2019

ST specific Rural Biotechnology program
Supported by - Bose Institute
Implemented by - Maya Foundation
Goat Distribution at Tikar Danga Village @ Sagardighi Block
District Murshidabad

14.05.2019 at Tikar Danga Adivasi Juug Marshal Club, beneficiaries had a meeting with Bose Institute field supervisor Md. Sizarul Haq and Maya Foundation Supervisor Md. Nazrul Islam and two representatives. In the meeting the names of those who would receive goats were declared and training was also conducted.

1st May 2019. A healthy Nature and Environment

An awareness session at Bijoygarh Shiksha Niketan Residential School was held on 1st May. Maya Foundation in collaboration with SAMPARK brought in excitement and edutainment among the children.

Total number of participants 130 and coordinated by Debojyoti Chakraborty along with other staff of Maya Foundation. There were three batches, Class 1 to 4, Class 5 to 6 and Class 7 to 10.

The first session was held with students of Class 1 to 5. The program started with a prayer song. SMC President of BSN School gave the opening speech. He gave importance to awareness about environment. He said, once the students are aware they can spread awareness amongst others.

The students presented some of their handwork. The next session was carried on by Rina Guha from Sampark. She spoke and demonstrated by presentation the necessity of keeping our environment neat and clean and have a friendly attitude towards nature. She told a very touching story where children of the village stop the cutting down of a Banyan tree.

The next session was from Class 6 to class 10. The session was on pollution of wind, water and soil. Rina Guha through her presentation explained how farming causes pollution and how the water is also getting polluted in several ways. She pointed how 38% people drink impure polluted water. Besides informing she reconfirmed and inspired the students to take care of the environment all around and stressed on points like stopping wastage of water and protecting nature.

The program ended with the children receiving tiffin which they relished.

Celebration of Bengali New Year Programme

At Bijoygarh Shiksha Niketan for Girls Resendtial School in the evening around 6.30 pm all gathered to celebrate the Bengali New Year. 78 children were present along with 3 guests, 4 staff members and 1 from the Head Office.

Rupamanjari Biswas and her team organized a cultural program of songs and dance. Priti Sinha Roy gifted book coupons with which the students could collect story books to read and share among themselves. Sarbani Sen interacted with children and Nandini Sen gave her views on the dance performance by the children. Rupamanjari Biswas also distributed sweets among the children. All were delighted with the sweets, and books besides getting a chance to perform to an audience.

New Year celebration enjoyable one.

Excursion Trip in “Celebration of World Health Day “

On 7th April, 2019 there were 66 students, 7 residential Staff and 10 donor members who visited Science City at 10.30 pm.

The event partners China Eastern (Sky Team) in collaboration with Maya Foundation took special care to provide complete edutainment to all who went, specially the children. Coordinators Beauty Chatterjee and Mithu Garai Mallick supported by Bijoygarh Shiksha Niketan Residential school staff Priti Sinha Roy, Sahanara Begum, Ratna Gayen, Umesh Singh, Maya Foundation office staff Indrani Majhi.

The event was a fulfilled one that the children enjoyed till the last minute. It was a hot day and enough drinking water was distributed among the children. The young minds were treated to three science education films at the Space Theatre and 3D film auditorium. They also visited the museums but could not complete all as it was already 6 p.m. They lunched on chowmein packs distributed and later enjoyed ice creams.

If you saw the children and were with them you would have realized how excited and full of energy they were. Through fun and games they not only enjoyed but learnt a lot. They were introduced to various aspects of Science, Technology and other very interesting scientific experiments to inculcate a scientific temperament among the students. The CSR activity with China Eastern truly generated an interest in Science in the young minds.

Meeting at Tikar Danga Village @ Sagardighi Block

On 7th April, 2019 there were 66 students, 7 residential Staff and 10 donor members who visited Science City at 10.30 pm.9th April 2019. A meeting was held with the ST community where those present were told about Maya Foundation, the upcoming Bose Institute project and the community needs.

Since this was a Women Social Empowerment program the participants were given the freedom to choose the venue. An intense discussion was held about all that has taken place since 2002. They were told about the Bose Institute project where agriculture based livelihood would be focused upon.

The programme would be funded by Bose Institute and coordinated by Maya Foundation. Through the discussion it was decided that 15 families would be given country goats and 5 families’ country sheep. Emphasis was given that not Re 1/- was to be given by any beneficiary who received goats and sheep to anyone for this. The possibility of vermin-compost and use of water tanks was also discussed.

The next meeting was decided to be held on the 13th in the Tikadanga village where 20 families would be selected for this project.

There is a lot of anticipation to see the successful completion of this program and make it effective and a role model for many more to come. The participants were receptive to the ideas presented and now all that needs to be done is to make it possible for the project to truly empower the women in the village and improve their standard of living.

Our Regular Programmes:

Our Activities through out the year revolve round the four main programmes as given below :

Social Health Improvement (SHI)
• Permanent health clinics with medicine distribution in the community.
• Health Check-up camps in every year
• Different awarness camps throughout the year
• Wide spectrum of facilities - General health Check-up along with Blood Pressure measurement, Blood sugar measurement, Blood group Rh typing, ECG, BMI measurement, BMD measurement, Family planning and women's health care service, Eye check-up camps with low cost spects.

Women Social Empowerment(WSE)
• Total 18 Awarness Programs in last year e.g. against female
foetocide, against dowry, for Consumer right awarness, for
contraception, for pregnancy care etc.
• Counseling service with counselors and lawyers.

Children Social Integration and Education (CSIE)
• NABADISHA programme involvement with Kolkata police.
• Three Mainstreaming centers throughout the year.
• Learning through mother tongue.
• Learning through entertainment and regular food.
• Donation of study books to underpriviledge students.

Social Bonding Enhancement (SBE)
• Ultadanga Library and Ultadanga - Muraripukur Boimela
committee , Kolkata Police, Concern for Kolkata, Civil
Defence Department, Sumangal, St. John Ambulance Brigade
Calcutta Blood Donor's forum, Lions Club Kankurgachi and many
• "Face to Face"(14th December 2011), "Puja Porikroma"
(13th October), "Rally against sound polluting crakers"
(31th October), "Basanto Utsav (30th March 2011),
"Sit and Draw Competition" (20th November 2010),
"Happy day Picnic" at Bidhan Shishu Uddan (3rd March 2011),
"Annual Sports" (15th January 2011), "Children's day celebrations (14th November 2011) , "Walk to celebrate 115th return of Swamiji (19th February 2011) etc.
• Children of Bijoygarh Shiksha Niketan Residential School went to celebrate the Pre-Christmas Party with His Excellency, the Governor of West Bengal, Sri K. N. Tripathi at Raj Bhavan on 14th December, 2017. There children also performed dance on Rajasthani theme.

Pre-Christmas Party