Regn. no : S/1L/8159(2001-2002)
             Estd. 2001

Profile of Maya Foundation

MAYA FOUNDATION is a non-government and non profitable organization committed to work for all the weaker sections and out-casts of the society. Poverty, racism, castism, sexism, and overall shortage of resources divide the society into many feuding factions. In today's society where value is losing it's ground rapidly even the elderly people, pregnant woman, Parentless children are refused to be given proper care they need just like all other social outcasts. These people live a life without social interaction and feel alienated only to be drawn towards a culture of destructive and anti-social behavior. A caring hand and a friendly smile can bring these unfortunate individuals back to the mainstream of creative and productive culture.We believe that delivery of healthcare and education to the every corner of the diverse and uneven society can bring integration and harmony amongst the people.
Challenges are innumerable. Difference between rich and poor, urban and rural , higher cast and lower cast, youngs and elderly, male and female, undernourished and obese are just few hurdles in the path for a integrated inclusive and involved society. An inclusive society is defined as “a society for all', in which every individual regardless of cast, credentials or cash can thrive to its highest potential.

Maya Foundation is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit autonomous voluntary organization which is working relentlessly for last twelve years in the small pockets of West- Bengal. Maya Foundation is duly registered under the societies Registration Act in 2001. Our registration number is s/1L/8159(2001-2002).

In the last year and coming years Maya Foundation will emphasis all of their activities on health. Maya Foundation will Emphasis all of the their activities on health last two years..