Regn. no : S/1L/8159(2001-2002)
             Estd. 2001

Brief History of Maya Foundation

MAYA FOUNDATION was formed in 2001 by some individuals from different walks of life having motivation and commitment to render services for suffering humanity.
MayaFoundation have always stood by the side of the weaker sections of the society with all it's might and invested itself into the health, literacy and community developments not only in the slums of suburbs of Kolkata but also in the farthest corners of West-Midnapur district of West Bengal . Its dedicated work without any donation from any external agency and only from the individual donors for first ten years earned this organization a huge popularity and respect in the mind of people.
From 2011 we have started to grants from different organizations and govt. agencies. Donation toMayaFoundation is exempted from incometax by 80G(5)(Vi) IT Act of 1961.
We strongly hope that all of you will come forward to help this organization with all your resources ….be it your intellectual strength …. be it your financial strength…. Be it your organizational strength…….Be it what you think your main strength is.
In return we can guarantee to give you a unique satisfaction, a satisfaction what you can only get by the warmth of the common man, by the blessing of a elderly widow, by the smile of a parentless child………………
The pilgrimage towards a integrated inclusive and humanesociety continues…………….