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Formed in 2001, Maya Foundation has ever since their inception, a team of highly motivated and committed individuals to serve the weaker sections and out-casts of the society. Added to it is the support of many individuals and others who have added their intellectual, financial, and organizational strength to take Maya Foundation forward all these years.

All the dedicated members of Maya Foundation believe that a caring hand and a friendly smile can bring the unfortunate individuals in our society back to the mainstream of creative and productive culture. The effort has been to constantly build an inclusive and involved society, a society for all.

Maya Foundation is a non-profit organization which has been working relentlessly for more than a decade in the small pockets of West Bengal. The continuous effort has been to improve health, literacy and community development of the weaker sections not only in the slums of suburbs of Kolkata but also in the farthest corners of several districts of West Bengal.

In the first 10 years of Maya Foundation what earned the organization huge ,popularity and respect in the mind of people was individual donation and dedication towards working for those not so privileged in our society. It was from 2011 that Maya Foundation started to get grants from different organizations and government agencies.

Our vision

Our visionis to break the vicious cycle of unhealthy anti-social influence on semi-urban adolescent and youth to make them a part of healthy happy inclusive society so that all the future citizens can reach their full potential. We firmly believe in “Adolescence Health First”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in partnership with communities and health provider systems, building effective and replicable solutions, empowering boys, girls, and their families in diverse underprivileged communities to improve their nutrition and health. The main area of working involves education, cultural integration, health improvement and empowerment of the neglected and alienated urban youth.